👽Lighter Client

Our client libraries to interact with exchange API and contracts. It will be public soon.

Python Client

TypeScript & Solidity

The repository includes three sample wallets, providing a foundation for those interested in integrating with or using the Lighter exchange. Alongside the contracts are tests that fork the Arbitrum mainnet for testing purposes. Users have the flexibility to modify these contracts or extract the integration components for use in other contracts. The tests are also designed for extensibility, ensuring comprehensive validation of any final contract modifications.

The TypeScript SDK comes with calldata compression for all contract methods and introduces features including event parsing, types for on-chain view functions, like fetching Orders, and order book configurations. Additionally, it comes pre-configured with all necessary addresses for integration across all supported blockchains.

The Hardhat tasks function as a Command-Line Interface (CLI) for interacting with the Lighter exchange. They streamline the process of creating orders, executing swaps, and viewing active orders. Each task outputs the transaction results in an easily understandable format. These tasks exemplify how to utilize the SDK in your own applications.

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